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westchester family photographer – spring 2013


A brother and sister in their backyard on a pretty afternoon this spring. No shortage of big blue eyes in this family.

hamptons family photographer, 2012


A beautiful family in a beautiful home. What more can you ask for?

nyc family photographer


I’ve photographed this family for years now and I love everything about them. Their friendship, their warmth, their style, their loyalty, their ease in front of my camera. They make me look good. And thank god for the high line. I’m not sure how we managed with out it.

family photographer – nyc, westchester and the hamptons


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, almost 3 months to be exact. Yikes! What can I say… fall is a busy time around here and well, blogging went to the wayside. But here we are in a new year, 2013. I plan to post quite a few shoots over the next several weeks. To kick things off here are a few of my favorites from the 2nd half of 2012.

montauk family photographer – summer 2012


Although we are in the midst of fall I still have another shoot or two from the summer to share with you. One of them being this shoot which took place at one of my favorite spots out east, Montauk’s Lighthouse. Something about the rolling hills and being on top of that hill that makes everyone smile.

hamptons family photographer – summer 2012


I love this family, not only because we have become friends over the last 7 years of shoots, but because mom greets me with a glass of rose when I arrive to photograph them. The next few hours were full of giggles, chickens and a glass or two more of rose. It was one of those laid back summer evenings I am missing now. Even their grandfather was there to join us. Such a treat.

new york city family photographer


A few of a gorgeous family in New York City’s Gramery Park. Loved mom’s red pants and look at the rolls on this little one’s arms. Too cute.

nyc family photographer – tribeca


This weekend Brendan and I are visiting the windy city. He’s going for work, and I’m tagging along since I’ve never been. Before we head west for some deep dish pizza and a several glasses of vino, I will leave you with this wonderful shoot from a couple weeks ago. I loved this family. The kids could not have been any cuter.

nyc family photographer


Mom decided to celebrate her 40th birthday with a family photo shoot. Such a good idea! They live in Philly but dad works in NYC. We decided to meet one day downtown while the girls were on spring break so dad could join us from work. Could these little ladies be any cuter? I loved everything about their outfits.

nyc family photographer


I photographed this beautiful family during the fall of last year. They have since, become a family of four. As soon as I met them I could feel their excitement for their newest member to arrive. His photos will be posted tomorrow!