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If you are in need of a good laugh, this is the book for you. I just started Tina Fey’s Bossypants last night and can’t wait to crawl in bed tonight to pick up where I left off. After only reading the first 30 pages or so I am hooked. Not only is it witty, well written and laugh out loud funny, but the photos she includes of herself through adolescence are the icing on the cake. My mother-in-law gave me the book for Mother’s Day. As she said, she thinks about “Tina-isms” through out the day and still finds herself laughting out loud. She finished the book over a week ago. Today I chuckled to myself when thinking about how she passed out during her first trip to the GYN or how she described the white denim suit she sported as a teenager. The photo is beyond words. My husband asked, “When did she have the time to write a book?” as I was reading him numerous excerpts last night. I’m not sure, but I’m sure glad she did.



to decorate or undecorate?


That is the question. In this case, both. I recently bought these wonderful books, both of which have such great inspiration for those who love to decorate. Several of the pages include homes seen before in Lonny or other shelter magazines. It’s nice to have so many of my favorite rooms bound together, in two places.


jay-z has a blog?!


My week has been made.

Most of you who read this blog, know I love Jay-Z. In my bio on my website I mention I plan to come back in my next life as my favorite rapper.  I find his creativity, success and poise in an industry that can get a bad rap (no pun intended) so inspiring and fascinating. I love anyone who takes their success to the next level, or in Jay-Z’s case, to the next millionth level. He thinks out of the box, turning everything he touches to gold and now he has a website, a blog if you will, Life and Times to highlight what helps him to do so. He covers all worlds including fashion, food, art, technology and of course music.

While you’re there check out his duet with Sade, another favorite artist of mine. Oh and read the comments, they are very entertaining. I will never be one who can “talk jive” but get a kick out of anyone who does. One.

pin it


Something has changed my life and it is called Pinterest. I’m obsessed. I’m sure you all know what it is, as I’m usually the last to find out about these things. Pinterest is basically your own virtual bulletin board. You can create as many “boards” as you like. Call them whatever you like. And pin whatever you like to them. What is a pin you might ask? A link to something fabulous you found online OR something you found on someone else’s Pinterest board. For example, I have a collection of photo display ideas I’ve come across in magazines, torn out and kept in vinyl sleeves which are stored in a binder. Now I no longer need that thanks to Pinterest. I no longer need to save links to things I’ve found online either. I love that I can pull up my Pinterest account and show my board of “photo display ideas” to clients at order meetings or pull up my “recipe collection board” when I’m looking for something to make for dinner. Very cool.

I think the best way for you to understand my lousy description is to check out my boards for yourself. You will find a variety of things there, including a couple interior design projects I’m working on, recipes, ideas for my own home, etc. You can follow me if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!

more inspiration


The latest Urban Outfitters catalog arrived in my mailbox on Saturday. I opened it up hoping to find something for my home, as I think they have some very cool and reasonably priced items (quilts, side tables, etc.). I spotted a few cool home accessories, but what I was more impressed by was the photography. I love how quite a few retailers these days are breaking all the rules – no more boring look-book type catalogs. Boden, J. Crew and even Anthropologie (so I’m told, thank you Michele) are all creating fresh new catalogs. I’m always looking for inspiration for my own shoots, which often come from some of the most unexpected places. I’ve ripped out the below UO pages and tacked them up on my bulletin board. Bring on the summer shoots!

P.S. Does anyone know who shot this?

P.P.S. I’ve decided to start another new category: inspiration.



My friend Elizabeth over at Pretty Pink Tulips recently recommend Bartaco in Port Chester. We share an admiration for a good margarita and some guacamole so she knew this would be my kind of spot. Last night Brendan and I and headed over with 4 of our favorite people. From the moment we pulled up to this taqueria we were all pleasantly surprised.

I loved the food which included casual tacos, ordered by checking off your preferred filling on a small golf score-type of sheet. The drinks didn’t disappoint either but what I was really inspired by was the photography and the way everything was framed. Some of the photos were printed on watercolor paper and highlighted in wooden fabric-lined shadow boxes, others were printed on larger than life size canvases. The beachy vibe and decor have been stuck in my head all day. I hadn’t been to a place (especially not a restaurant) where I was so inspired in quite awhile.

Our dinner got me looking forward to my Hamptons shoots this summer and also got me thinking about new ideas for some of the photo galleries I’m working on. We all drove home together singing loudly to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way, filled to the brim with tacos, guacamole, margs and churros. Thank you Bartaco.