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photo a day, my 365-project


I was recently reading The Creative Mama and was overcome with motivation to tackle a photo project for 2012. A photo a day for the next year, starting yesterday, Saturday, January 21st, 2012. Eeeek. I’m a little nervous putting this in writing, but hopefully writing it here will only help me stick to the challenge. Last year I was so disappointed with my personal photography. I took less personal photos in 2011 than most years since Conner was born. I’m hoping this will kick that for 2012.

I was so blown away by Amy Bader’s results from this challenge last year. The shadows on her floor, piles of folded laundry, silly smiles and her self portraits. The ins-and-outs of her family. I love them all. I couldn’t stop thinking about what an amazing book this would be for my boys, for our family and thought, I have to do this. I’m not the best at keeping my camera handy lately. I also struggle with putting down my phone, not checking email, etc. so I’m hoping this will help me knock out those distractions. I’m also hoping this will help me stay present, positive and focus on all the little things I love most about us and our lives together as a family. This is my new year’s resolution.

Care to join me?