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I’ve decided to try and post more about things I want to share with you that I stumble upon, all of which are non photo-related. I have to come up with a name for the category… Maybe it’s a town we visit, a local Inn, a friend who is starting a business or a new store like Kent. Kent is a Chappaqua-based store, owned by expert collector of all things beautiful, vintage, mid-century, Michael Kalesti. His bursting at the seems with treasures of a store sits at the top of the hill in my town. The first time I visited I knew I wanted to share my find here.

Michael sells objects new and old. Objects he has found combing estate sales over the past several years, on ebay, furniture some of which he’s restored himself, as well as new items including table linens, cashmere wraps, soaps and candles. It’s the perfect place to purchase a unique gift (think vintage cork screw, poker set or silver belt buckle), a piece of vintage jewelry, a lamp, mirror or set of tumblers. And lets not forget about the furniture – a silver hammered side table or an upholstered chair? If he doesn’t have the particular piece your looking for he can definitely find it, such as the vintage Herman Miller chairs I wanted for my eat-in kitchen. I’ll post more about those later. In the meantime interior designers take note, Kent is a great resource.

Kent if offering all of my readers 15% OFF, in store, on-line or via the phone (if you have a specific request and aren’t local). Come join me and my enthusiasm!

To learn more about Kent click here.